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The Modding Bug Bites Again, Project "Hack-Cade"

I won't say much about it until it's a little further along other than it's another game emulation machine powered by a Raspberry Pi 2 with an ipad2 replacement LCD hacked into an iPad based ION iCade Arcade Cabinet. It's game on like Donkey Kong with this bitch and you might want to take notes because I'm fixing to show you the easiest way to build what will surely be a man-cave necessity via hacking and assembling existing shit... watch in wonderment or merely wonder why you didn't come up with it yourself as this low cost kick ass custom bar top arcade machine gets built. 


Project Work Log: Page 1

Project: 'Carcharhinus Louganis' - ArtPrize 2014 Entry Work Log

I am finished with my entry for this years ArtPrize competition, this years design is to me the logical progression from last years entry and is the largest work (other than murals) I have ever done.  My ArtPrize entry is vote number: 57401 and is currently being hosted inside the DeVos Place Convention Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan from September 24th - October 12th.





Project Work Log: Page 1

Project: 'Gluttony' - Finished -  ArtPrize 2013 Entry Work Log

I am finished with my entry for this years ArtPrize competition.  With a design inspired by previous modding builds, this art project mixes old school with new style by showcasing my first ever dual image work with some cool LED lighting techniques.  My ArtPrize entry was hosted at the DeVos Place Convention Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan September 18th - October 6th. This work is also featured as image 14 of 18 in this online article.

Project Work Log: Page 1

Project: 'Troy's Pinball' - Scratch Built Digital Pinball Machine

Before I ever plunked a quarter into any video game as a kid I had already played a fair amount of pinball, but it wasn't until I found a Williams Whirlwind machine in the early 90's that I truly realized how much I loved playing.  This article served as inspiration for my latest project, a proper sequel to my bar top video arcade build.  Based off a Williams wide body machine, my build is nearing completion, it's almost a finished pinball machine.

Pinball has long been a passion of mine and since the beginning of this year I've invested a lot of time and hard work into creating the ultimate pinball machine. If you want to take a look at some of the most recent work on my digital pinball machine, please watch the video below.


Project Work Log: Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 . Page 4 - Page 5 - Page 6

Project: 'Troy's Arcade' - Scratch Build Bar Top Video Arcade

I have wanted to build my own arcade machine for quite some time, with no room in my home for a full size stand up cabinet I decided to create something smaller. The only plan I had for building the cabinet consist of an idea and a couple Google SketchUps - so I've been designing and refining some stuff on the fly. I've been working on this project for a long time and I thought it was finished, but realized there still were a few things I could do to improve on the design.


Project Work Log: Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - Page 4 - Page 5

Project: 'TroyBoX' - Scratch Build HTPC Work Log

I had originally planned on building an arcade style machine, but early into the project I decided that the parts I had on hand were better suited for a small and modular living room entertainment PC to connect to my 46" 1080P LCD TV. I had also planned to include the building of a home brewed joystick with the TroyBox project log, but decided better to use those parts in the above MAME project instead.

Project:TroyBoX HTPC


Project 'TroyBoX' Work Log

CaseModGod on YouTube: Hellusion Revealed Video

I made a five minute video which showcases some of the features and fine details of the Hellusion case mod and covers all the stuff that just doesn't come across quite as well in pictures.  It concludes with a brief explanation of the illusion and a demonstration of the "tool free" case removal and reassembly.  If a picture is worth a thousand words then this case mod video must be worth a thousand pictures or like a million words.


Hellusion Revealed Video

Project: Lament II - Hellusion Work Log

Sequels as a rule suck, especially horror movie sequels. HellRaiser is the exception because HellBound is every bit as good as the first movie - so in the tradition of HellRaiser I set out to create a non-suck sequel case mod.  I completely concealed the computer using an optical illusion to make the whole thing appear as though it's nothing more than an empty box containing a levitating HellRaiser puzzle cube.  From initial sketch to completed project, follow along as the case mod comes together in this in depth and easy to follow work log.

Hellusion Mod


Written Work Log | Video Work Log


For Sale: HellRaiser Cenobite Computer, You Truly Are Not Worthy

Here's a chance to own something awesome, but sadly you are not smart enough to own this one of a kind, fully functioning and wonderfully unique work of tech infused art. Professionally designed and hand built, this completely self contained, fully upgradeable (water-cooled) PC has over the top features that include a built in LCD monitor, remote controlled UV eyes and lasers that shoot out of the head. This heavily modified computer has seen media exposure spanning numerous web sites, print publications and even television -  which transforms an already kick ass mod into an historically relevant item that you cannot afford or understand.


This Mod Could Be, But Will Never Be Yours...

CaseModGod on YouTube: Cenobite PC Video Work Log

I made a two minute video showing the creation of this mod from design sketches to final build.  This video played on the six inch chest mounted LCD monitor during all of QuakeCon 2005, it is possible that showing everything that went into creating this insane mod may have factored into the judges awarding it first place... or not.



Cenobite PC Video Work Log | Nine Page Written Work Log

Stealth 6" LCD Monitor Case Mod Guide

This was my first go around with 6" LCD modding and the finished mod resides in my daily driver PC MOBY2.  Having a small LCD in the computer case that can be used as a secondary display without having to mirror your main monitor opens up a lot of possibilities, it works so well that I have added a 6" LCD monitor to every mod I've done since.  Making a six inch monitor fit into and slide out of a 5.25" bay is no easy feat... but it is really sweet, if you decide to build one for yourself then this guide should help.

Flip Out 6" TFT LCD Monitor Mod


6" LCD Monitor How-To Guide

Simple CD/DVD Drive Stealth Mod Guide

You have by now probably seen many different drive stealthing guides on a lot of other modding sites with difficulty ranging from fairly easy to downright ludicrous.  This guide is guaranteed easy and will show what I consider to be the hands down absolute best way to stealth a drive.  The end result looks awesome, is entirely functional and it's completely removable... this mod won't even void your warranty.

Stealthed Drive


Drive Stealth How-To Guide

3.25" Switch Bay Mod Guide

If you have more than one light in your case and are tired of having to reach around to the back of your case to turn them on or off you need to read this modding how-to guide.  This is a very simple and affordable mod that adds functionality and class to a 3.5" floppy bay cover, plus the guide contains a template layout for up to four switches.

3 Button Switch Bay


Switch Bay How-To Guide

Fan Controller Makeover Mod Guide

There are a lot of really cool bay devices on the market, whether they have a finish similar to your case or are completely different - as in the case of the Zalman fan controller I used - this super simple guide will show you how to make it precisely match the rest of your case.  The Zalman ZM-MFC1 is transformed from something ordinary into something awesome with an easy mod that takes just over an hour to do.

Stealth Fan Controller


Fan Controller How-To Guide