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For Sale: Cenobite Computer - Buy Now... Own Something Awesome

    Here's your chance to own a one of a kind, fully functioning and wonderfully unique work of tech infused art.  Professionally designed and hand built, this completely self contained, fully upgradeable (water-cooled) PC has over the top features that include a built in LCD monitor, remote controlled UV eyes and lasers shooting out of the head.

    This heavily modified HellRaiser themed PC has seen media exposure spanning numerous web sites, print publications and even television - all verifiable facts that transform an already kick ass mod into an historically relevant item.

    Included in the deal is a modded keyboard and a custom modified two wheel hand truck used in transporting and storing the monster, the protective head cover and face guard (shown below), WindowsXP Home (installed) and all drivers/manuals.  I am also throwing in the original design idea and final layout pencil sketches and last but not least an original scratch built HellRaiser puzzle box mouse pad.

    I wrote a nine page work log and also made a short video of the creation of the monster (best viewed in HQ)...

    This killer modded PC has traveled from Michigan to Texas and back with no major problems, the pictures above and below were taken during QuakeCon 2005 where the HellRaiser Cenobite PC took first place in their case modding competition.  Here's your chance to own one of the coolest modified computers ever created, but for how much you ask?  Read on for all the details that make this mod awesome, the asking price appears below at the page end.

    The head was sculpted and hand painted with a top window formed by heating flat acrylic in the oven, a brain pattern is etched onto the inside surface and a Laser-Pod shoots a tri-patterned laser array onto the brain etch and out through the top window.  The head has four stripes of Glo-wire wrapped around it, the eyes are keyboard controlled and move left and right with another keyboard button that lights up the eyes UV.

    The next picture shows the chest section, installed are a CDRW/DVD slot loading laptop drive, a 6" TFT LCD monitor that acts as an independent secondary display and the water reservoir with a red LED as the heart of the beast.  The chest section is held in place by four screws and can be easily removed in one piece, the upper halves of the arms are speakers that also can be easily removed... this is a fully self contained and entirely upgradeable computer.

    The power button is hidden inside the HellRaiser puzzle box and below shows the belly of the beast, an oven formed acrylic window allows for a full view of the motherboard and components, three different types of red LED lighting give the guts their varying levels of glow.  The memory for the machine scrolls 'Project Lament' and other system information and water is pumped through spring covered lengths of blue tubing to water blocks that connect to every heat generating component.

    The back is every bit as detailed as the front and has a recessed handle installed between the shoulders to make lifting and moving it easier.  There are two red LED rocker switches installed on either side of the handle that control the lighting in the abdomen, in and around the head and the spikes that run up the back of the arms.  The radiator for the water cooling is mounted into the left shoulder blade and the power supply is mounted in the right, there is also a ventilated pump access area in the small of the back near the base (not shown).

    The following lists out all of the hardware and water cooling components currently installed in the HellRaiser Cenobite PC...



CHAINTECH "7NIF2" nForce2 IGP Motherboard

AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 400FSB Processor

Corsair 1GB PC3200 DDR XMS Expert Memory

Asus GeForce 6200 128MB DDR Video Card

Western Digital SE 120GB 7200RPM IDE Hard Drive

COOLMAX 400W CX-400B Taurus CX Power Supply


Logitech 2.0 Stereo Speakers

Slim Line Slot Load CDRW/DVD Combo Drive

Water Cooling:


Eheim 1048 Pump

Asetek Pump Control Unit

Fass-o-Matic Tank (Black)

Fass-o-Matic blue LED kit

Innovatek innovaRadi-D

Innovatek CPU block

Innovatek GPU block

Innovatek HDD cooler

Innovatek northbridge chipset block

Innovatek anti kink springs

Danger Den fill port

In-line flow meter

    Asking price is $50,000.00 USD (firm), and here's why... I don't need to sell it.  It isn't hurting a thing by just sitting where it is now, in fact it is most likely increasing in value as it does.  It seems to me that 50K is more than fair as asking price for this highly detailed one of a kind item, especially when factoring in the year it took me to complete the build.  If you are interested in owning this seriously kick ass heavily modified HellRaiser themed computer send an email to artbytroy(at), serious inquiries only please.