I am going to begin this guide by showing the mods that must first be done to the screen.  The 6" LCD monitor was purchased at Parts Express, the price (at the time of this writing) varies from $120 to $160 USD.  The LCD is perfect for this mod as it turns itself on automatically whenever a signal is present, has a clear picture at 640x480 and also a really good degree of viewing angle.

    Below is a shot of the back side of the LCD screen - please note that the screws shown in the picture were not included with the monitor.

    Below are the instructions (front and back) that are provided with the screen.

    First things first, we need to put a molex end onto the wiring for power to the monitor, for this I used a three pin to four pin pass through connector and some heat shrink tubing.

    The picture below shows the intact 3 to 4 pin wiring and under it the cut part that we need.

    Strip back all the wires and add heat shrink as shown in the following picture.

    Solder your wiring connections, the red wire goes to the white wire and black to black, after soldering secure it all with the heat shrink tubing and your LCD power cable is complete.  

    Don't bother hooking up the wiring you just made yet... there is still much to do.

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