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Troy's Arcade (2010)


Having been practically raised on arcade and console video games I've wanted to build a MAME system for a really long time. I would have preferred building a full sized stand up arcade machine, but I'm severely space limited and there's no room for one in my home... on the plus side this machine is totally portable.

Troy's Arcade


TroyBoX (2009)


I had originally planned on building a stand up style arcade machine, but early into the project build I decided that the parts I had on hand were better suited for a small modular living room entertainment PC to connect to my 46" 1080P LCD TV.



Hellusion (2007)


Originally titled "Hell's Illusion", this HellRaiser sequel mod took almost a year and a half to design and create, had I known starting out that it would take so long I probably wouldn't have done it at all - on the plus side I learned a lot during the build and it turned out great, so I figure it all evens out. The plan was to entirely conceal the computer through the inclusion of a cool illusion section inside a scratch built eight inch cube case... a worthy follow-up mod that runs silent, has two built in displays and wireless remote controlled internal lighting.



HellRaiser Cenobite (2005)


After MOBY2 I was ready to try making a computer into something different, the HellRaiser Cenobite PC sculpture is as different as things get. I did not want to base the design on any of the existing HellRaiser characters and instead sketched out a design of what I imagined a case modder turned cenobite would look like. The machine is completely water-cooled with a ton of custom details and features including remote controlled animatronic UV eyes, 3D oven formed acrylic windows and a laser array shooting out of the head.

HellRaiser Cenobite


MOBY2 (2003)


Atomic MOBY was all about excess, I overloaded that case full of every type of lighting and mod available at the time, but for the sequel I decided to tone it down - while still staying true to the original. The mods performed to this case are some of the finest I have ever done, they required a lot of thought and planning to get everything to line up and fit together properly.




Atomic MOBY (2001)


Way back in the year 2000 I saw my first computer case mod and decided to try doing it. I had already been building high end computers for myself and friends for a few years - being an artist modifying the enclosure seemed a natural progression, so I bought a Dremel and a high end aluminum case... this is where my modding started.


Atomic MOBY