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Page Five: Project 'TroyBoX - 01/18/09 Update... Finished

    I put it all together, so lets spin it around for a quick look, below is the VGA card side and mirror glutton grill.

    The front of the mod shows the 6" LCD monitor and the top with a laser etched glutton image.

    This next shot shows the DVD/CDRW slot and the mirrored blue cut vinyl TroyBoX decal right below it.

    Lastly, the back of the mod.  I tried to make this side as clean looking as the rest even though it isn't really seen.

    Next up a rotating side by side comparison to my last mod 'Hellusion', both cases are constructed and configured quite similarly.  First up, the right sides...

    Their fronts...

    Lastly, the left sides.

    I just got everything hooked up and turned on.  First impression... Wow, just wow.

    Here's a shot of the wireless keyboard/mouse, the TroyBoX and my TV remote.

    In the next picture the TroyBoX cut vinyl is reflecting onto the table.

    Here's a better look at the small wireless keyboard/mouse that controls the machine in front of the side mirror chrome glutton grill.

    I haven't had a whole lot of time to really mess with it, but so far having a PC hooked up to my 46" 1080p LCD TV is pretty friggin' sweet, the image is every bit as clean and clear as on a normal desktop LCD monitor... did I mention it's huge?

    "You are freaking out" - Super Troopers running in Media Player up on the big screen...

    Or move the window over and watch the movie forty inches smaller on the little 6" LCD.

    I lowered the lights a little for this next shot...

    Below shows a nice 3/4 view of the TroyBoX with the movie ejecting.

    Here is a closer look at the TroyBoX lighting feature, the effect looks even better live.

    Lastly, a parting shot of the TroyBoX set up in its new home - I think my Wii is jealous.

Stay Tuned, I Have Such Sights To Show You...