Project: 'Troy's Arcade' - Scratch Build Mini-ITX MAME

        I'm glad I didn't build joysticks for the TroyBoX HTPC because I'm instead working on a small dedicated MAME computer with an arcade authentic feel - and just to be awesome, I'm putting an 18" touch screen in it.  I now have all of the hardware and materials for this build on hand and I'm hoping to pull this project off for around $500.

Project: 'Troy's Arcade' - Work Log

Project 'TroyBoX' - Mini ITX HTPC

  I had originally planned on building a stand up style arcade machine but my parts on hand decided that a small and modular entertainment PC connected to my living room 46" 1080P LCD TV would be better.  I haven't had a whole lot of time to really mess with it, but so far having a PC hooked up to my big TV is pretty friggin' sweet, the image is every bit as clean and clear as on a normal desktop LCD monitor.


Project 'TroyBoX' - Work Log

ARTbyTROY: Project Lament II - Hellusion

    Sequels as a rule suck, especially horror movie sequels. The HellRaiser series is one exception and there are sadly far too few others. HellBound is every bit as good as the first, or better in every way, depending on which fan you talk to. I am currently working to create a new HellRaiser themed PC far different than my first... there are those that have put their computers into puzzle boxes, I am going to put a puzzle box into the PC and hopefully entirely conceal the computer in the process. Dining rooms are over rated... so it begins, my HellRaiser sequel mod "Hellusion".


Written Work Log | Video Work Log

ARTbyTROY: Project Lament - Cenobite PC

    The HellRaiser mythos is cool and quite scary, there are a few good HellRaiser tribute mods out there already but they all either pay homage to or try to emulate the look of the puzzle box, the box is cool... but it isn't scary.  I instead built a monster, I didn't want to base the design on any existing HellRaiser characters so instead sketched out a design of what I imagined a case modder turned Cenobite would look like.


Written Work Log | Video Work Log

batfan06: Tumbler Batmobile PC Mod

    batfan06 submit a work log showing how he went about creating this killer mod, here is a quote: "I've always liked cars and Batman so when the Batmobile came out in a 1/24th scale die cast, I had to have it... I began measuring the Tumbler RC model and various computer parts and after many potential configurations, I settled in on a layout that looked like it would work. After Christmas, the Batmobile RC was marked down and I bought a brand new one to rip apart for my mod... It took about a month and a half working in my spare time to build."

See the work log here

Feldm4n: Project - Predatron

    Forums member "Feldm4n" has written an informative four page worklog showing how an admitted first time modder goes about creating a super sweet looking and tightly themed case mod.  Follow along as he shows how to turn an already great looking stock case into a work of art... the custom airbrushing, water-jet cutting and homebrewed three laser sighting system are just part of what make this a must see worklog.

Work Log Page: (1) - (2) - (3) - (4)

BeWize: Project "RYC" (Recycle Your Computer)

    Russian modder BeWize was kind enough to offer translating his now finished worklog to feature as a side by side ongoing article on both and CMG, how cool is that?  Pretty damn cool, follow along as Alexey shows the hands down best way to recycle a computer.

See the work log here

AdamB29: Mod a Toaster Into a PC

    "Since my wife wanted it for the kitchen I thought to disguise it as a kitchen appliance. My co-worker and I kicked around a few ideas but I finally decided on a toaster... I was kind of bummed to see that a few people had built a toaster before, but I figured “What the hell”, I have never built a toaster, original or not!"

See the work log here