I then really started thinking of what I wanted done so I hit Photoshop. After someone suggested some Predator text, I was thinking yea I was thinking about that but where to find it? A Google search later and I was at a site with the Predator alphabet. Next came “what should it read, and where should it be placed?” thinking. I came up with this. 

    It reads “Got Alien?” It is supposed to be like the “Got Milk” slogan. Instead Predator hunts Alien so I thought it was one of those funny phrases. Next I wanted the plain side panel to have something going on along with the text. So back in the day a company made predator grills for a short time so you could imagine how happy I was. Here is a picture of the grills, I was planning on having a 120mm grill made as well. But you can see how the side panel worked out.

    I hit photo shop again and changed the grill to a black and white CNC layout for the local water cutting company. I worked with a younger person that knew what I was seeing in my head. He put it in the software and boom it was shipped to me a week later looking like this, it's always easy working with people who can take a moment out of what they want to see and help step into your mind and see what you are seeing.

    Next came the stripping of the case. Oh boy what a daunting task once you look at it all! You see your machine in a million pieces and want to cry, ha-ha. Still modding is that one thing in life that can make my brain just stop for an hour or two straight and focus only on what is at hand.

    I stripped the cage down and removed the existing hard drive platter to make room for the new water pump tubes, since they were much fatter. I masked off the sound retention foam so I was not to spray It.

    I hit it with about three light coats of primer. Three coats of metallic black, and finished it with about four coats of clear.

    While at home doing all the stuff I had to do I had made time earlier in the week to drop off all my panels, and ideas over at my friend Joey’s house. I regret not leaving him the camera because I did not get any photos of him creating the paint job. All I can say is he is a VERY skilled painter. So during this time I just got everything ready. Kept planning things out such as, what LED’s do I want, what rivets, and all the fine details. A couple weeks later Joey gave me a call and said it was done. Drove over to his house and my jaw hit the floor. If anyone is interested in his work please contact me and I will give you his contact numbers.

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